The satisfaction of creating beauty can be rewarding
for you and the environment. With turfgrass sod, the
rewards are practically immediate.

Our sod is sold in three sizes:

  • 10 ft2 rolls – geared towards residential/commercial installations.
  • Two large rolls sizes – 30 yd2 or 40 yd2 – typically used in commercial installations.
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Who said it's not easy being green?

For years, Southridge Sod Supply has been producing top quality, number one nursery sod. Our specially selected seed mixture is comprised of a blend of blue grasses and it has been carefully selected to suit this area and its climate.

Southridge Sod Supply customers can expect to get sod that is always green and at a fair price. Landscapers, golf courses, nurseries and home owners alike pick up fresh sod daily at the office, located on Manotick Station Road – south of Ottawa, just east of Manotick.

Fresh sod of any quantity can also be delivered right to your home or work site and placed specifically with special unloading devices.

The Many Benefits of Turfgrass Sod...

Instant Beauty & Instant Value with Turfgrass Sod

Within just a few hours, turfgrass sod transforms a yard from bare soil to a living carpet of grass, with mature density and a solid root system. And, it performs like an investment. Landscaping with turfgrass sod instantly increases the market value of the property from 5% to 10%.

Create a Healthy Environment with Turfgrass Sod

In an instant, turfgrass sod creates a soft, clean and safe playing surface for babies and ballgames alike. It reduces heat, glare, noise and odors. But most importantly, it cleans the air and helps recharge our groundwater supplies. Turfgrass sod is one of nature´s finest, least expensive filters, working to improve the environment.

Enjoy the Good Life with Turfgrass Sod

Lawns established with turfgrass sod are an immediate joy and source of pride, while lawns started with seed, sprigs or plugs take from 2 to 3 years of constant effort and are frequently frustrating. Turf grown by Southridge Sod Supply is the finest most reliable grass available anywhere.

Solve Troublesome Site Problems with Turfgrass Sod

Because turfgrass sod is fully mature the day it is delivered, it can immediately control erosion even on steeply sloped areas, as it sinks down roots very rapidly. It can also be successfully installed over a long season. Turgrass sod works when and where seed, sprigs or plugs would fail.